Support Recovery Group

Welcome to the Student Recovery Community (SRC), the first of its kind in Canada! The SRC has been established by students, for students.

The SRC is a safe and inclusive space for students with lived experience of addiction or for those curious to explore their relationship with alcohol, drugs, or other addictive behaviours. SRC supports all pathways of recovery – harm reduction, abstinence, and everything in between. By joining this community, students co-create an atmosphere that supports healthy social interactions and relationships with substances.

The SRC has been operating at UBCV (UBC Vancouver Campus) for several years, and became available to UBCO (Okanagan Campus) students through the online transition in 2020. As of Fall 2021, UBCO has its own SRC coordinator connecting stakeholders and students to SRC resources.

Stigma is a leading barrier to seeking support for substance use concerns



Globally, 140 million people/year struggle with substance use – yet it’s the most stigmatized condition in the world.


50% of Canadians in recovery reported that discrimination stopped them from asking for help with their substance use


33% of Canadians in recovery experienced discrimination because of being in recovery and this includes post-secondary settings

Want to Get Involved?

Join one of our groups. All groups are open to students anywhere in their recovery journeys or who are curious about recovery.

All Recovery Group

We welcome to this group all that have struggled with addiction and substance use, all paths of recovery are embraced. Drop-in meetings during Winter Session 2022 are held Tuesdays 11-12 PM via Zoom link that can be added here:

12 Gentle Steps to Recovery Group

Offers an inclusive adaptation of the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, designed with diverse substances and behavioural addictions in mind. Drop-in meetings during Winter Session 2022 are held Mondays 5-6 PM via Zoom  link that can be added here:

The Altered States of Healing Group

This group is for anyone interested in using breathework, yoga, psychedelics, and other integrative healing practices. This group was created for Okanagan students, by Okanagan . Drop-in meetings are held Thursdays 7-8 PM via Zoom.  link that can be added here:

Check the Student Recovery Community Calendar for up-to-date times and dates for group meetings.

Looking for one-on-one peer support? Contact us @recovery_ubc (Instagram) or

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